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At the end of the first episode of this show called skin that was on fox for like a few weeks there was this song playing while the people were kissing. Anybody have any idea what it's called? I think it might be kindof old because I heard it on a 90's station one time. I also hear it in lots of stores and stuff.
The song was kindof really soft rock...I thought it might be by coldplay or something. The tempo was slow and there was a lot piano and I think some cello. I think one line from it was something like "it's all good" but i'm not quite sure. Most of it didn't have too many lyrics and when it did it was not loud but kindof blended with the music.
Skin, premiered on Fox in October of 2003, the song that comes on in the beginning( the theme song ) is amazing. It got cancelled before i could ever find out the song. I have heard it in Hollister & in The buckle stores but i have never been able to find out who sings it or eve what its called. I have done TONS of lyrics searches but had no luck! Please help me, i know a few parts of the songs and i think it went " This is the start of something new(or maybe even special) " and then another part was "So now all i really want is you" i think...i can hear the music and the song but i cannot put words to it. Its kind of slow, soft rock, maybe dashboard confessional or maybe even coldplay. I would appreciate any help or ideas!! Thanks SOO much! ~JoRdiE~
Hey, just to drop who the singer is gavin degraw "follow through".
I am looking for a song that was played on an episode of Skin. This episode played on Saturday, June 11 at 10/9c on Soapnet. The song was played when Jewel was going to meet Adam. It was a female voice, kind of slow. Some of the lyrics I caught were:

"...You're standing in the rain
You said I still love you Mary Jane..."
(lyrics in between I couldn't hear)
"...Oh Mary Jane please come home..."
"...Angels fall down..."