Sketch Comedy/Popular "Theme" Song


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Ok, I know this song has been talked about on Adtunes before. And any other time, I would know the name (or at least the tune) of the freaking song. But now that I can't think of the song (to explain it to my boyfriend), it's driving me nuts! It's one of those songs they use in funny situation on tv shows, movies, etc. It's mostly saxaphone. I said that it sounds like "Rubber Biscuit" because like "Rubber Biscuit", it's a funny song that's used in everything. If it helps, I thought of the song when we were watching the TN game and there were like 6 players scrambling around the ball as it bounced down the field. It was like "stupid funny", ya know? At first I thought it was from Monty Python, but I couldn't find it. But then again, just cause I couldn't find it, doesn't mean it didn't come from MP. I know SOMEONE on here knows what I'm talking about!
Yeah. My retard of a boyfriend figured out what I was talking about RIGHT after I posted this thread. He was like, "Oh, the Benny Hill song?" Sigh. Thanks though. :D