sirius commercial techno-ish song


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theres this techno-ish song, starts with a very catchy tune, and the tune carries on throughout the song. The singer is a girl, and the lyrics tell a story of some kind and theres no chorus or anything. I heard it on the radio a long time ago, and i dont remember the lyrics at all..

however, the catchy tune(without any of the lyrics) is played near the end of the new sirius satellite radio TV commercial: the commercial with the cartoon dog sticking his head out the window and saying "commercials, they're the reason we are always sticking our heads out the window... its time to get sirius".. then just before the commercial comes to a close, that catchy tune plays....

anybody have any idea what the song is?
yup, that is it, thats the tune that is at the end of the sirius commercial.... except for some reason i remember when i heard it on the radio it was a girl singing and the lyrics told a story.... that was either an obscure remix of float on or another song alltogether with a similar tune....