sick guitar solo van halen song


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I listeneed to a cover band the other day and at the end of a song the guitar player played 5 secs of a guitar solo which i think was from a van halen song.

i asked the guy and he gave me the name of the song they played but it was not the right song, i guess the guitar solo was from a different song, im pretty sure the guitar solo is a van halen song, if anyone know of any good van halen songs with sick guitar solos in em please let me know, thanks
no its not eruption but its something along those lines, kinda similar, thanks though
the guitor part i heard sounds more like the guitar in "ain't talking bout love"
im not sure if that is actually the one casue its sounds different when all the other instruments are blended in
aint talkin bout love is a great have to give more to go on...early van halen was all guitar riff there are like massive amouts of riffs by them
"Mean Street" a great song off of their "Fair Warning" album has a little intro to it. That album has 2 of my other favorites "Unchained" and "Dirty Movies." "Unchained" may be the one you're looking for actually.

I'm pretty sure I heard "Unchained" on American Dad when they got to get out of work early.