Shaun White Snowboarding


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During Wednesdays South Park episode there was an ad for an upcoming vudeo game form Ubisoft, concerning Shawn White snowboarding. It was a girl on vocals, and was very upbeat and cutesy/fun/nice.

This one?

"Alive and Amplified" by Mooney Suzuki

Kinda sounds like a girl at the end sorta..

What is the song being played at the beginning of the commercial with Shaun White. He's driving a helicopter and then turns into a video game.
I just saw this commercial too and am wondering the song or songs used in it? The song or songs are an instrumental rock beat throughout the commercial which lasts around 3 minutes.

This isn't the trailer that is on youtube or other game trailer websites. Those trailers which are only about a minute long use the song "Weapon Of Choice" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club".

The song or songs being asked about are in another commercial which I have not yet located online.
so... then what's the name of the song?
I tried pulling the lyrics and googling them, but all I caught were "follow me" something something "dog and a flea."
No results.
I spent a long time searching and could not find any information based on the lyrics of the song in the Shawn White video game ad.

It does sound like a "real" nursery rhyme or children's song, though.
This ad was produced by Cutwater, S.F. I decided to contact them and I received this e-mail from Mai Huynh:

"Thanks for your inquiry for the ubisoft commercial. The music was an original piece written and created by the Wojahn Brothers. You can visit their website and contact them if you'd like.


I'll be contacting the Wojahn brothers to find out if there are plans for a commercial release, but until then, it looks like this won't be available on iTunes or Amazon.

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Mystery Solved!

"Follow Me" by Wojahn Bros Music (Myspace)

I've e-mailed them about if a commercial release is in the future, but in the meantime, enjoy listening to it on their Myspace.


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There's still an unknown rock song that was in this commercial that hasn't been answered yet.