Shark Tale

Hi! First post here. Its a remake of "Car Wash" by missy elliot. It should be out with the soundtrack sometime in Nov. ;)

Expect some some songs by Will Smith and other hip-hop covers of classics! Good stuff comin this way!
no not that song... the opening song to that commercial
Just to make sure, you want the song heard while they're sitting in the restaurant, right?

I have no clue on it though, and can't find any info... It sounds familiar though. :unsure:
yes its in a bunch of other movies... and i think... pay it forward.
Did you ever look through music for "Pay it Forward" and figure out if it was definitely in that movie?
Shark Tale Trailer

I'm looking for the 3rd song in the trailer, after "Car Wash" by Missy Elliot. It starts after the whale coughs on Oscar. It stats with the trumpets. I've heard it before on that one hair product commercial for frizzyness. Thanks for your time, and sorry if this was already posted.
I don't know, is it?

It goes...

to be real!"

The 3 dotted lines are the same notes, sort of.
Does anybody know the name of the song at the end of the "Shark Tale" trailer - it's the one after the Cheryl Lynn "Got to be Real" song. Thanks.
I believe the song is "Pump it up" by Elvis Costello. Hope this helps!
thank you! i knew it sounded familiar, just couldn't figure it out! hooray! :)

the song can be found on Costello's "Very Best Of" album.
Ok now that we have those two songs done. What is the one that goes "Da da da da da da" throughout the trailer? As always it's on the tip of my tongue.
No it's not Michell but thanks. I watched the trailer again and the song begins with the announcer says "Will Smith, Anagelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger". That's the one.
That's the song we already figured out -- the Elvis Costello one.
At the moment all I can only offer is this:
The song seems to be of the disco genre with a very strong female voice.
The only lyrics I can make out are "to be REAL!"
I can't even tell you the brand of hair dye that they were advertising.
I've searched itunes, (apple) and many lyric sites - someone even suggested that it might be on a richard simmons exercise video!
Thank you for any help at all!
The ad is of her in a recording studio and she's advertising the movie "A Shark's Tale."