Shall We Dance


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I am looking for the song at the end of the "Shall We Dance?" trailer. The only lyrics I can really make out is something about "wedding rings" at the very end. Thanks in advance.
The word on the web is that this is Peter Gabriel covering the Magnetic Fields' song "Book of Love." The Peter Gabriel version is unreleased for now.
The other songs in this trailer, in case anyone is interested, are "Montserrat" by Orquesta Del Plata, "Losing Myself Too" by John Cunningham, and "Let's Dance" by David Bowie.
Does anyone know where I can download John Cunningham's Losing Myself Too for free?? It took me forever to find out what the name of this song was after i saw the Shall We Dance trailer and now I can't find the darn song anywhere. :(
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The song is available on his CD "Happy Go Unlucky." Also available for download from .
Shall we dance :)? :p theres a song on there that I used to love! its something like "the night is young and so are we so lets make love, and dance the night away" its a good song :)
hi, i would like to know the name of the song playing at the begining of the "shall we dance" trailer. it has no lyrics that we can here. thank-you very much. -tom
I work at Blockbuster and everytime I'm there, there's always this song that plays at the begining of the Shall We Dance trailer that just sounds to nice and catchy but I only ever get to hear the begining. So, I was wondering if anyone knew what it was called and who it's by.