Shall We Dance


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Hi, anyone know, the name of ja rule's song in the film, not included in the soundtrack??

thank you.
No sorry :(

In "Shall we dance?" Ja Rule sing in a discopub.
Does anyone know the song that was playing when John was getting ready for the farewell party for Paulina and went to get Beverly at the dept. store? It kept saying something like "you can give me wedding rings"? It was a man singing and very pretty. ;)
does anyone know the name of that one song that jennifer lopez dances to in the movie shall we dance... it's cool... and it has a beat like every 5 seconds... like... boom, with violins, and drums... very nice... anyone...
Does anyone know the name of the song playing during the waltz competition scene between John (Richard Gere) and Bobbi? Please help??!!
I also need to know the name of the song from Shall We Dance when Jennifer Lopez asks Richard Gere for "one hour" and then they have this dance in the dark the night before the big dance competition. Thnx