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Hi all
If you have seen Serendipity, (if you haven't - go, run and watch it!), maybe you could help me identify the track where Lars Hammond (Kate Beckinsale's pop star boyfriend) plays with the saxaphone(not sure here) at the club - and in his music video. Its like a 'new age - tune with an oriental tinge'. help me, and is it on the soundtrack?
Finally, after a month or so, I find out the song!!
Its called "'From Rusholme With Love", and appears on the soundtrack listing. Actually, I found out about the song after hearing it on the end credits of another movie- "Kung Pow".
Thanks Michelle for helping me out on this one.
i checked the soundtrack on cd now and unfortunately this song was no where to be found...

the song appears in the movie when kate beckinsale and molly shannon leave the airport (is that airport newark?) and kate beckinsale asked the taxi driver to be taken to "i dont know, the waldorff i guess" after she spouts out some cheesy monologue about letting fate take her wherever it wants her to go. the song is very jazzy and upbeat, (i heard jazz-like drums, bass, and piano) but the volume of it in the movie is very low. the singer sings something like "i want you to get together" and she/he sounds VERY MUCH like tracy chapman but i doubt it's her. please tell me if you know the song. thanks! ;)
There is a song that John Corbett's character has written and is making a video of in the movie. It is a New Age sounding song (it makes the Vikings cover their ears and fall dead as he plays). Does anyone know what song that is? It is not on the soundtrack
Oooh yeah, I know that one. The movie version is different from the artist's when they use the instruments, but nonetheless...

It's Mint Royale called "From Rusholme with Love" on their CD, "On the Ropes" Link
Thank you so much! My hair can grow back now after pulling it out for the past few weeks trying to figure out that song.
Watched the movie Serendipity again for the first time in a while - really like this classical piece that DOES NOT appear on the soundtrack. Ran through the song listing at the end credits as well, still nothing.

Found a clip online. The song starts around 23 seconds in and runs until the 1 minute mark. If you haven't seen the movie, and want to, then probably best not watch this clip.

Any help is much appreciated.