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Colonel Kilgore

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Does anyone know what the music is in the Secret Window trailer? I realize the back end cue is just a rise, but does anyone know what is in the beginning and middle? Thanks
Link to watch the trailer. Tough call, I hardly hear anything other than tiny bits of orchestra... I assume this is what you are referring to?
It sounds very like the music played at the beginning of the Solaris trailer ,which fufu102982 was asking about on Mar 13. Is that it?
Also wondering if it's what Rewep was asking about re Eurotrip.It's not on the trailer and haven't seen the film...
This music sounds familiar to me,wondering if it's Philip Glass.Went back to the UK for Easter and a programme on the Beeb used this music.Their website was completely unhelpful and when I e-mailed their general e-mail I got an automated response saying they can't answer all e-mails and to try the websites.Bah!Well thanks a lot!I noted the name of the guy who did the music so I'm going to try and guess his e-mail and see if I can get an answer...