sears clothing commercial


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ok, this month there has been a Sears (I'm pretty sure) commercial for new clothes and the song sounds a bit like the lyrics, 'breathe in breathe out that's right' but I can't find anything like that in a lyrics search on google. if anyone can help me that'd be great. it's sort of a poppy song.
I too have been searching for this track for about a week now and even brought a sample over to to see if they knew what it was. The words apparently say “Breath in – Arms up – Breath out – That’s right” like some type of exercise song.. It definitely has a house/techno feel to it. I really love the soft, girlish vocals.. nice.. Anyway, any help in finding out what the song name is would be very appreciated!
I was looking for this too! It's for the Sears 'Back-To-School' sale. Click Here, and you can view the commercial. Any help is appreciated!