Scary Movie 3


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I know the Scary Movie 3 Soundtrack hasn't come out yet but on the Soundtrack there is a song called, "White Boy" by Simon Rex and Others. My question is does anybody have the lyrics for this song ? Or a possible copy of this song ? Thanks

- Jamie
Heh.. I tried to do a search for the lyrics, and all I got was results for porn sites, sorry..
Thats ok, once the Soundtrack comes out I can get the Lyrics and the song. Apparently they have it on now but I'm gonna wait till more people get it. I saw Scary Movie 3 a while ago and that rap was soooo funny. Thanks for trying guys

- Jamie
This has been driving me nuts! What is the name of the song that plays after Cindy argue that viewers want indepth coverage, and, and (her boss interups) TWINS!!! Then everyone starts to drink and party while a song plays in the background. Does anyone know the name of the song? Please and thank you so much if you know. Its sounds really cool. :D :lol:
haven't seen it, but have you checked the movie's Soundtrack? Also, here's a listing of music from the movie, usually includes every song and in the order they appeared in the movie.
It's called "I Love". It's the song that was done by Genuine Music exclusively for the Coors commercials featuring the twins.

You can find it all over the 'Net. It's a pretty small download, because it's a really short song (only about 30 seconds).
oh, i get it now... "And, and... TWINS" Yeah, that was from some beer ad campaign.
hi, i havn't been able to find this song anywhere on the internet to download...can anyone suggest a website that they know it is on to download. i love this music but i cant find it anywhere and its bugging me to death!! thanks :D
Can anyone tell me that song in Scary Movie 3 where all the gangsters come to back up Tom, Mahalid, and George near the end?

It goes like

"C'mon yeah, c'mon yeah, c'mon yeah, c'mon yeah"