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There are 1 or 2 songs in the movie that are not on the listed soundtrack at IMDB.

1. The song playing when Wayne and JD are kidnapping Judith
2. The song playing when Judith escapes (possibly the same song?)

There's not much else I can say to describe the songs.
Hoping to get a name to the song which Silverman is dancing to with the blonde with clamps on...

Thought it was Fat Boy Slim So Nuff but didnt match - know it's not Neil Diamond B)

This one may be hard since im quite positive its not on the official soundtrack, so you'll probably have to have the movie to help me out.

The songs in Saving Silverman, and it during the scene where Darren (Jason Biggs) is talking to Sandy (Amanda Detmer) in the club right before they start to dance. The song is in the background and the lyrics go something like:

"They wont let me out, They wont let me out...... Its the perfect, its the perfect _???_ (Thing?? I think its thing)"

Any help would be fantastic
Check out "Evil Woman" by The Vandals and "Authenticity" by Harvey Danger.
Saving Silverman Song?

Trying to locate a song from the movie Saving Silverman. It is playing the background when Darren (Jason Biggs) is on a first date at a club with Sandy (Amanda Detmer). It is playing when they are first shown sitting at the table reading the menus, when Darren keeps talking about Judith and Sandy gets upset. I have checked numerous sites/track listings and can't seem to find it. The song is not Perfect Ending by Mile- that one plays later when they go dance...... :confused:
Re: Saving Silverman Song?

The song you are looking for is:

Act Of Faith - "Wanna Get To Know You"

The band had to change their name to The Green Motel for trademark issues which made finding information about the band or song difficult to obtain.


I messaged the band on their facebook page requesting more information on the song ie mp3 or streaming song for listen etc.
Re: Saving Silverman Song?

Thanks, farbeyond. I'd be interested to hear if they get back with ya.