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Does anyone know what the music is at the beginning of the Saved! trailer? you can watch it at under movie trailers. there's a bunch of songs in it but i was just wondering about the opening music. any help would be awesome
Originally posted by moose@Apr 2 2004, 12:05 AM
The song at the begining is under pressure by queen
The song at the beginning is definitely not Queen.
Yeahhhhh :lol: I wasn't even going to bother with that one. ;)
Originally posted by Archun@Apr 10 2004, 09:53 PM
I got Your answer guys!! It's STAIND (SO FAR AWAY)
Take care!!!! :D
Are you sure? "So Far Away" is kind of a rock ballad. The song at the beginning of this trailer has a more upbeat rock tempo. I don't hear the Staind song anywhere in that trailer I linked to earlier in this thread...
Nope, still can't find anything on it. When does the movie come out? Have you seen the spot on TV or just at the movies?
I've gone on an e-mail spree to the companies behind the film. If there are any further developments, I'll let you all know.

John H.
No one knows the song from the last 20 seconds of that trailor when they start showing the names of the actors..? It sounds like a pretty famous song and i think is says jesus or something, sound like a great song... it also plays for the whole trailor shown on tv, and not the one linked here
Does anyone know the third song [and first] in the trailer? it's really upbeat and one of the lines in it is "now don't you worry" you'd see mandy moore 'rockin' out at a concert, and it plays during the exorcism clip

thanks for you help