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Does anyone by chance happen to know what the tune is on the new Saturn Vue commercial? It's a brief ad and the music is mainly just a guitar riff, but it definitely rocks. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Man, I'm looking for that song as well. There are two versions of the commercial, same song. Anybody knows the song? Please reply :D
I'm looking for that song, as well. It's the reason I ended up at this forum.

Someone please answer for us about the song...pretty please. :)
Son of a beehive! I just decided after all this time to find out about this song and here we are at the same time!! It's fate I tell ya. B)
i searched for it about an hour, no luck
produced by daniel soundcage i think
u.k. based band i believe
im working on creating a tab for it so if anyone actually wants to play it on guitar lemme know
i did also come up with this little statement from youtube, though i dont kno if the guy actually knows what hes talking about, seeing as how he's only watched that video and no others
"Yes, Daniel has has been working on this song a long while, his cd, Beautiful Me comes out in 8 months and will be realeased on itunes! He has worked on making commercial songs for pepsi and other big names since 1997."
Youtube user : crosseyedbill809
Hey everyone,
Song also peaked my interest and I found a clip of it on Soundcage's supposed Myspace website, although it's only 1 minute long...if anyone finds the full song, let me know! If this link doesn't work, type "Soundcage" into the Music section of Myspace...

Soundcage Myspace clip for "Higher"

I am still perplexed! I thought that the guitar riff was off of a Sheryl Crow song? I originally thought that the song was "My Favorite Mistake" and the next morning I heard that song and knew that I was way off. I don't want to call all of the other posters liers but that sounds like a Sheryl Crow riff.
Anyone know what music the latest Saturn VE ad uses? The ad shows people with excess, like a golden toilet and a woman jaywalking with load of shopping bags and talking on her cell?
Originally posted by vagrant10@Aug 5 2007, 09:41 PM

apparently this song isn't released yet? commercial is linked above. others have been looking and no luck finding full version yet. if I'm wrong, of course post info as I'd love to get this tune.
According to the quoted link, see:

Introducing Daniel Cage - One Of TV's Hottest Singers/Songwriters!

June 28, 2007

Multi-Talented singer, songwriter and producer Daniel Cage is stepping out from behind the scenes to release an album titled DC/CD in late fall of 2007. Daniel Cage's new songs are currently airing on MTV, Lifetime TV, USA Network, the new Saturn Hybrid commercial and Big Brother (Australia). [snip]

[snip]Even Saturn has tuned into Daniel Cage for their new hybrid car commercial. His song “Higher” is their inspiration. [snip]

Says Cage about DC/CD, "Releasing this album will give the audience a chance to put a face with the music they are listening to on these shows & commercials. I'm excited about getting the chance to finally step out from the behind the scenes and pursue my career as an artist, as well as a songwriter, musician and producer. The first single will most likely be “Beautiful You” or “Lights." Those seem to be the crowd favorites right now at my live shows and on my myspace page, so I'm saving those 2 songs for myself and my album."

Originally posted by cinderella@Aug 2 2007, 07:17 AM
I'm looking for that song, as well. It's the reason I ended up at this forum...
Same here. Thanks guys! Some of the best music in my collection came from TV ads, I'm certain this site will be a BIG boon to my collection!

I don't know if we should get too excited yet. The article doesn't actually say that "Higher" will be on the album, all it says is that he's putting out an album. The whole "Releasing this album will give the audience a chance to put a face with the music they are listening to on these shows & commercials" thing hints at it, but I'm still skeptical.

I checked to see if the song was registered to him. All the other songs mentioned in that article are there, but not "Higher." So I'm thinking one of three things: 1) The name is wrong; 2) He didn't actually write it; or, 3) He doesn't have rights to the song. If it's the third, it could be that Saturn (or GM, whatever) has exclusive performance rights and so it wouldn't show up under his name on BMI. If that's the case, that's sad; he'll have to pay them anytime he wants to play his own song.