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Anyone able to identify the music (even the style) that is playing in the background in the latest Samsonite luggage commercials? The luggage is called a Spinner. Four wheels. Shows a cute woman walking all over the world and through airports with a red and sometimes a green or black Samsonite Spinners suitcase. Very jazzy, French breezy. 60s sort of bossanova ... I don't know what it is, but whenever I hear that style of music in commercials these days, I like it. SouthWest did something similar and I was never able to discover the style of music or name of the musician(s) performing it.
I haven't seen the ad and am not getting any audio from the above link, but the music you describe (jazzy) might be performed by The Spinners (the group), used in the ad as play on the product name and the sound.

Their most famous track is "I'll Be Around", and has been featured (both with and without lyrics) in ads from Chevrolet and others.

Thanks for attempting to help. Unfortunately, the link you sent me to is not of the
correct Samsonite commercial. They are apparently showing different versions in Europe than
in the US. The music in the European link you gave me was not infectious at all.
I'd never attempt to look up who did that commercial's musical soundtrack. :) So, the hunt is still on. Thanks again. I am grateful that you took the time to read my post and offer up a link. Take care.

The song is not by the Spinners. I loved the Spinners and have pretty much all of their songs, but
the music in the Samonsite commercial is not by them. Thanks for attempting to help me though. Take care.
Although I don't know the specific artist for the music in the Samsonite commercial, the music reminds me of Pizzicato Five (recent releases) and similar artist.
you know its good you brought this up this song reminded me of a brazilian artist but i don't think its it so i guess we're jsut goin to have to keep trying.

Thank you for trying to help solve this musical mystery. Pizzicato Five has some music that
does sound close to the music in the Samonsite Spinners ad. I just listened to all of their songs available at the Apple iTunes Music store and none of them were the exact song, or at least the
30 second sample was not at the right spot for me to determine it. Thanks again though. That guess was warm.

Sergio Mendes eh? Hmmm. Good guess. I'll reasearch that a bit more and get back to the group here. Thanks for chiming in.
I was curious about the music for this commercial too, so three days ago I emailed Samsonite to find out what it was. I heard back from them today that:
The song is called "Spinner", the lead singer is Isabelle Antena. The song
was specifically composed by Fritz Sunderman for Samsonite.
I was able to find CDs by Isabelle Antena at Someone described her sound as "electro samba."
Hope this helps! :)
I absolutely love that new samsonite luggage ad. It has a high energy bossa nova like feel with female vocals. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Ok....Fritz Sunderman's "Spinner" featuring Isabelle Antena. Created just for the commercial.

Does anyone who likes this type of music have any other song or artist recommendations? Thanks again Sophist.
There's a Samsonite ad on TV these days with a very catchy tune. It's an ad for Samsonite Spinners (suitcases with 4 wheels or something). The music features a female voice, it sounds kinda campy easy-listening. There are no lyrics, it says something like 'la la la'.

Has anyone heard this? Any idea what it might be? I searched the Web and also posted a request at Google Answers. So far, no luck yet.
Anyone know what the song on the samsonite "spinners" suitecase commercial?
I came upon this thread while also trying to find out what the song was in the Samsonite Spinners commercials. This is an old thread, but if anybody who happens upon it who likes that song and Isabelle Antena, they might also try the following:

Nicola Conte - Jet Sounds
Rosalia DeSouza with Nicola Conte
Gerardo Frisina - Ad Lib
Thievery Corporation compilations such as "Sounds from the Verve Hi Fi" and "Outernational Sound"
Lots of stuff from the Eighteenth Street Lounge label (ESL) like "Jet Society" and "The Soundtrack" (which also features Isabelle Antena)
Hi Fidelity Lounge (by Guidance)
Chris Joss - Spiked
Koop - Waltz for Koop
Rio Lounge
Any of the Break N Bossa or Brazilectro compilations
Anything by Bebel Gilberto (Tanto Tempo)
Any of the old Glucklich compilations, especially the first one
Bossacucanova - Brazilidade

If you want the same with a more vintage, retro sound, try Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66, Astrud Gilberto (with Stan Getz), or any of the Blue Brazil compilations

Some of this may be hard to find. If you can't find it on, try (helps to be able to read German). Enjoy!