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Can anyone give me some song names or artists who have great salsa music. Preferably insturmental, but it doesn't really matter. I would really appreciate the help.
I took a salsa class a couple months ago and below are some of the songs we danced to.

Guajira(I Love U 2 Much)- Yerba Buena

Taquito Militar- Anibal Troilo

La Recta- Kemo The Blaxican (great hip-hop song with a salsa beat)

Dance With Me- Black Machine

Do You Only Wanna Dance- Mya

Dance Like This- Wyclef Jean

Also, check out a group called Cubanismo! They have great latin salsa stuff.
Most of these have words, but someone else on here might know some instrumental stuff. I hope this helps!!!
Quiero a bailar la salsa tambien!!! Not just because it is good for salsa and cha-cha, but also it's great contemporay latin american pop/fiesta music --you must check out Ozomatli! I have their first album, and I have seen them live. Lots of fun!

Vamos a bailar!