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Does anyone know what the first song is in the movie? During the intro-credits in the Admiral's office? It fades into an African song but I don't remember how it goes. If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it.
te last song that plays during the cast and crew wrap film in special features. cant find it. goes like "thinking about the times we had.......but the world just keeps on turing, time goes one and the doubt that was there lurking is now gone.....i know ill remember for the rest of my days, if you remember, remember..." and so on. if you know it, share the knowledge. thanks.
Anybody know what song is playing in the Cast and Crew Wrap Film featurette?
The song in the titles is "Right Place, Wrong Time" by Dr. John

Awesome song.
Sahara music.

Hi guys.

I've been looking for a soundtrack i guess wich i find impossible to find. i don't know from what movie i recognize it. but i remember it as a female arabian singing and it sounds quite hypnotizing. and if i'm right it's from a scene someone got mad in the sahara. If someone knows what i'm talking about. please help me :D