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I did a quick search and came up with nothing but does anyone know what the song is called duing the part of the movie were LL Cool J starts to chase that black guy and Colin drives to were they are to block off the guy LL is chasing.

The other song im trying to figure out is the that is played during the test they have on the airplane were everyone is dressed up as bad guys and what not.

thanks for the help :D
Haven't seen it, but here's the soundtrack listing for the movie. They usually are listed in order of appearance in the movie.
Hi there, was just cruising through the forums and I found this. I remember looking for that song from the plane test, too - couldn't find it for the life of me! But then I did; I checked www.imdb.com and looked up S.W.A.T. and it's soundtrack listing.

The song from the plane test is called "Time Is Running Out", performed by Apollo Four Forty. The other song you're referring to is called "Columpia" and it's performed by El Gran Silencio.

Both are great songs ^^