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I've been trying for a couple hours to figure out what song is used in the Rush Hour 3 trailer. It's first played at the 1:40 mark of the trailer, and is used on and off throughout the remainder of the trailer. I think it might be an 80's song which may have been remixed/edited to be more Hip Hop sounding.. I know I've heard the song before, And I think thats why I'm so obsessed with finding it. I probably don't even like the song :p
Rush Hour 3 Trailer Page

Can't watch that trailer but I think I found it on YouTube. If I've found the right on then it's Track 6
You are correct about that song but, it's a mashup (Chris Classic & Nazareth - "Unleashed")
Wo0T! You Guys Rock! I guess I must have heard it from the first Dodge Charger commercial. There is a cool little story behind the mashup..

Thanks Again! :D
Thank you so much, I believe your second guess was right, but every where I go gets me close to the song, but I can't seem to find it. Do you know where I can find it. Please send me a message as soon as possible. Thank you.
I just saw a new rush hour trailer on tv and it starts off with something like chris tucker in a police uniform stealing a couple of girls' car or something and then it shows tucker and chan being scolded by the captain.

The song is a hard rock riff that is somewhat fast with only one line of lyrics that can't really be understood due to the loudness of the riff but the words sound something like "get it with your heart out!" in between riff sections.

It was also used in either a gmc or chevy truck commercial a while back that showed trucks driving around at either dawn or dusk with the camera circling them. Trucks driving under bridges, on beaches, etc.

Any ideas?