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I want to know who does the song that goes 'here comes johnny, yeaaaa', thats all i know, but its on a royal carribean cruise line commercial and its not anywhere!!!!
Originally posted by Lobba@Jan 21 2004, 10:29 PM

I got all excited when they played it when Bart and Lisa went on their British sugar spree.. Yay Iggy!
There are two commercials with the song. One starts with the "I think it's mom in a spinning class", and the other is where the guys look like they are ice climbing and the girl says she is going to miss her massage. What is the song???????? It starts with drums, but can't make out the words

Someone has to know!
The only other person to have asked this question spelled the name of the company wrong, so that's why you couldn't find it in a search. It's Iggy Pop "Lust For Life".
I hope someone can help with this...I feel like I should know this song and artist. It's on all the recent (2004) Royal Carribean Cruise Lines commercials I've seen. The music is very fast and "crashy" sounding with heavy drums in the beginning. It sounds so familiar...I think it's an older (80's or 90's) song, but it may just sound that way.
Does anybody know the song from the royal caribbean cruise commercial? It's theme is "lets go now", and something about "here comes Johnny"? I really want to know. Can anyone help?

Does anyone know whose voice was used in the older versions of this commercial? It was extremely sexy -- slightly hoarse and sort of like a cross between Kathleen Turner and Joan Cusak, maybe with a hint of Gillian Anderson. The words ("Get. Out. There.") were separated by clear and distinct pauses; the newer commercials have gone to a smoother voice and a more conversational delivery -- which might be fine for taking the edge off, but it makes the new commercials seem lame to me. Anyway, I'd really like to know. Thanks!
I'm pretty certain that narrator was Kathy Griffin -- a redhead who used to be in the cast of "Suddenly Susan."
does anyone know the name of the song playing for the Royal Carribean Travel Commercial? it's kind of an upbeat rock song. the commercial shows a lot of people having fun in where i assume would be the Carribean.

wold be much appreciated!! :]