Rob and Amber Get Married


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I'm looking for a song used in the CBS special: Rob and Amber Get Married that aired last night (Tuesday May, 24). I think the song was played when Amber was crying in the limo. Some of the words are "Feeling [that] [like] I'm falling" (the words in the brackets, I'm not sure about). It was a male voice, genre is pop I guess.
Can't say I watched the episode. Sorry, no clue on the song.
If anyone can remember that special that came on a couple months ago. I know I know I watched it even though Rob bothered me from survivor. Anyway my wife was watching and there was a song playing that neither of us had ever heard before and we loved it. I came across ADTunes and I am desperately hoping someone can help us out by identifying it. I even have a song clip of it that I took from the Tivo'd episode if anyone really wants to try to take a crack at it. Here is what I do know about it.

When Rob and Amber were still running around making wedding plans they were walking on a boardwalk and Amber asks Rob if he wants to walk on the beach and he said no. Well there is a song playing in the background and all I can make out of it is this:

A feeling of falling
A feeling of facing my fears alone
A feeling of falling..........

and later on it just says

I wanna feel.........
I wanna feel.......

I know it isn't much but who knows someone may be able to help us locate this needle in the haystack.

Thanks a ton in advance.
Awesome - I knew you guys were brilliant. Thanks that is it. One question though..why does his voice sound familiar....I don't recall his name but is he part of another group?