Road to Perdition


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hey there.

so i'm kinda looking for a bit of older trailer music. This music was in the Road to Perdition theatrical trailer, and i liked it, but could never figure out what it was. Then this morning I was listening to the radio and an ad for Friday Night Lights came on and it had the same music, so I've decided to ask for some help in figuring out the song. I honestly believe it may have even been written as part of the original score for the movie Road to Perdition, but I can't for the life of me find it in the soundtrack.

You can listen to the music here:

Road to Perdition Trailer

the music i'm looking for starts just after Paul Newman's words, "A man of honor always keeps his word."

thanks in advance. :D
I saw the Trailer

The 1st half of the trailer plays
Thomas Newman - Perdition Piano Duet - (with Tom Hanks/Paul Newman), its the last track on RTP score

The 2nd half of the trailer (and the song u are looking for) is

James Horner - Payoff/End Credits on the Ransom movie score

Although im not 100% sure if thats the exact song (the track i have doesnt have any title )

hope this helps
hey, thanks a lot :)

just bought a copy of the ransom score on amazon for like 2.99...can't beat that with a big fat stick.

And now i too can 100% say IT IS James Horner - Payoff/End Credits :p