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I don't know if anyone's looking for it yet, but I just saw a holiday commercial for Ritz crackers and recognized the song in it. I thought I'd post it in case anyone else wants it as well.

The song is "I Melt With You" by Modern English. It's available on their greatest hits compilation, Life in the Gladhouse, 1980-1984.
Yep, that's the song. Thanks for posting it! It is also available for download from .
Just heard a Ritz commercial and it used an 80's song and it went like this

I brought the world with you and its getting better all the time...
Stumping me folks. Who sings it?
I was wondering what the name of the song in that new RItz commercial with the fat stick people. It has kind of a party setting I guess. And one of the lines is something like, "I'll stop the world..." so on and so forth, I've tried searching for it but can't find it. Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I think it was a song in a Ritz crackers commercial, but it's possible it wasn't in Ritz but was in some other kind of cracker commercial. The song in it sounds very familiar and was probably a hit when it first came out. I think some of the lyrics in it were:

"it's feeling so much better all the time"


"when i'm with you"

It's got a catchy guitar hook playing in the background too. I think it sounded like a song from the 80s but I really have no clue. I'm sure I've heard the song before, outside of the commercial, but I can't figure out what it is. Any help would be great.
Also, it's possible it was "getting" instead of "feeling" in the first song. It definetely isn't The Beatles song with the same lyrics though. Possibly another band covered it with a very different take, but I don't think so.
An animated roasted vegetable ritz commercial came out a few weeks ago, and i really liked the song in it. I tried emailing nabisco but they said they couldn't help me. Anyone have a suggestion?