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The song from the Rimmel London mascara Commercial with Kate Moss.

Anyone know?
If it's the same ad discussed previously, the track is "Some Velvet Morning" by Primal Scream. Audio sample here, track 8. Also available for download from .

Edit to add: After watching the ad and listening to the audio sample, I'm not sure if they're the same song or not. :unsure:
Unfortunately, it is not that song. It is a Rimmel London Volum Eyes Mascara Commercial that does have Kate Moss (as most do) but it is in a big city setting wtih her on a huge TV type screen billboard in the center of the city. The vocals sound similar to that of The Vines or Oasis, music is closer to the Vines or The Hives.
I believe it is a loreal commercial. It talks about having "big eyes for the big city" or something like that and there is a model winking or something on a billboard. The end has a splash of different mascara to make the England flag, and the tag is, "For that London Look." the song sounds very British and there is only sing at the very end. Thanks
The song is called 'Surround Me With Your Love' by 3-11 Porter. The only place I've seen it is on a compilation.
I think that 'Surround Me With Your Love' was featured in another Rimmel commercial. Not the one that scoot734 is looking for.
Has anyone been able to find the name or artist of this song? I don't think it was either of the two mentioned.
No, this has yet to be answered. I am still wondering about this as well. I am familiar with the other 2 songs/commercials and they are not the same one referred to in this thread.