Richard Tyler fashion show

kinda sounds like something from the chemichal brothers or fatboy slim. kind of does, the eclectic mix of sounds....I'll look around to see if it is in fact by one of those guys. help is still needed though
Haven't found it yet, checked pretty much all of Fatboy Slim's and Chemical Brother's music, none of them are it.
if you listen carefully, you can hear that hes actually quoting some space station or something. "6 5 4 3 2 1 0" "engines are go" "lift off we have lift off" or something like that. I think its quoting some apollo mission. I searched for those lyrics and found several, but non have that gospel choir in it.
I searched for the exact same thing...came up with nothing. I tried to listen for any other lyrics but it was to blurry
Does anyone know how or where to contact Richard Tyler? I've checked all over online and it seems he doesn't have a website...which seems odd to me. Anyway, if anyone knows the name of the song or knows where/ how to contact Richard Tyler, not him, per say....just, I don't konw---I just want to know the name of this song!
does anyone know if the gospel choir is singing in english or another language?
please? I've found nothing at all, but am still determined to find this song...I've been searching since the first post. anyone been able to desipher any other lyrics...the gospel choir sounds like another language......
sorry, i listened but i don't know the song...part of the hook sounds like a variation on part of "rhapsody in blue". you could check the cd compilations entitled "fashion week"...they released one for this year already, but i haven't heard the tracks on it yet. good luck...i'll keep an ear/eye out for you...
Well, I tried contacting Olympus Fashion week, but no dice. More help would be needed.
new piece of first I thought that Delta sponsered the show, but I now know that Richard Tyler designed the clothes for flight attendants for Delta...hoping that will give me some more info...