Reaction score
when they roll the clips for next weeks episode.. there is a song playing in the background.
Its playing in the background when the cast is standing around toasting to their new graduation, etc. Its from the 80's, of course. Any help would be great.

That's it! Sounds a little like Enigma's "Return to Innocence".

Thanks again
How about the preview wheres it is very short. Its an instrumental piece.... I cannot find the friggin trailer!
I tend to get that a lot... Thnx, I guess... I DON'T have a third nut, just for safe keeping....

Anyways... Song anyone? It was also i nthe preview for Episode 3 at the very end. It built up in an instrumental song.. Might be original score.. Anyone know who does the score?
Was this show on the other night? It got preempted here for the President... and I didn't think the second episode would be aired until next Thursday. Did I miss it?!
did anyone find that song? the one that third_nut was talking about? i was also wondering what it was...well at least i think i'm thinking of the same one lol there was no singing that i could tell and i've heard it on the show at least twice. so if anyone knows what it is that'd be great!! thanks!!!!!!!!
Does anyone know any of the songs that were played during the latest episode of Reunion. All the songs are familiar 80's songs I just don't know the names. Thanks!
I'm answering part of my own question, one of the songs played was One More Try by George Michael.
The first song was "If You Leave" by OMD. Sorry, I missed most of the rest of the episode so that's all I got.
This should be an easy one, I don't know it, the lyrics go: thinking about yesterday when we were young free, it's over now.

I randomly changed the channel to that show (I don't ever watch it) and there was a guy and a girl (in a car I think) and there was a really quiet song playing in the background. I know the song, and I was saying the lyrics in my head, but I forget the song and who sings it.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance :).
These are the songs listed on the Fox Reunion website.

"Hey Jealousy" - Gin Blossoms
"Two Princes" - Spin Doctors
"Runaway Train" - Soul Asylum
"Everybody Hurts" - R.E.M.