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What is the music at the end of the Resident Evil: Apocalypse teaser trailer that sound like a music box or something like that?
Hmm, that short piano music sounds like an original piece or a "sound cue" they bought to use in the trailer. Just a guess, however.
The trailer was just released today and I heard a rock song towards the end of the trailer, I was wondering if anyone knew the song or the group. Thanks!
Aha i Know this one!

Papa Roach - Not Listening

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Greetz Nemesis
does anyone what this song is that is played near the end of the trailer?

the song im talkin about is in the full trailer not the teaser just fyi

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ok this new resident evil 2 promo has techno in it and its all crazy and stuff. its not papa roach. so yes........ and by the way that movie is going to suck. :lol:
Hey guys,

Every time I see the Resident Evil: Apocalypse movie trailer, they play this song while Milla Jovovich's character is running on the side of a building. Does anybody know what's the name of that song and who's it by? Please help me out. I can't seem to get that song out of my head!

Thanks for your time and help,
I saw a TV promo one (without Papa Roach) and it had a girl singing on it. Is this the one your thinking about?
There is this new Resident Evil: Apocalypse TV Spot that just hit the airwaves. If you listen closely to the background music you can hear an electronic song playing. It sounds like Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Overseer, who knows. If anyone could tell me what song it is that would be great, thanks.
I havnt seen the Tv spot here

but *maybe* its "Lunatic calm - Shockwave" (also played in the RE:apocalypse trailer)
thats not it.... can anyone find this song? its crazy fast and was on tv. HELP!