Reservoir Dogs


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i heard one song before in a classics radio station a few months ago and barely remembered that it appeared in reservior dogs.the 2 songs play in one whole scene the first one is where tim roth (mr. orange) is in his apartment looks like he was painting, its playin on the stereo then he cuts it off after the phone rings i think. the second is after mr. orange gets in the car outside of his apartment building with the others then the songs plays once they start being followed by under covers working with mr. orange. if any one has any leads to the where abouts of these songs lol the names and artist, i would greatly appreciate it thanx.
is one of them "little green bag" by george baker section? i only remember that song and "stuck in the middle with you" by stealer's wheel
You can find both songs on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack.

The one in the apartment is called "Fool for Love" by Sandy Rogers. You can hear a clip here, track 9.

The song in the car is called "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede. You can hear a clip here, track 4.
thanx alots, i wasnt sure if hooked on a feeling was the correct name before, but thoughs sample tracks sure helped.oh yeah stuck in the middle with you,, nice song it went well with the ear cutting scene and micheal madison (mr. blonde) couldnt have done a better job in choosing the right radio station..