Renault Koleos

The only information I can find on the song is that it is: The Rolling Stones - "I'm Free", but it is definately not the song used in this Renault Koleos commercial. The Rolling Stones song is used in other Renault commercials. The song in this commercial is probably an unsigned European band which is why it is hard to find anything out about it. What makes the search even harder is that the song in this commercial has the lyrics "free free free free", which makes the Rolling Stones I'm free song come up in search results with the Renault commercials.
can you write whole lyrics in this commercial please? i don't know english well
The lyrics sound something like this:

(some of the lyrics are hard to hear and don't make sense)

Free free free
wing step back I confuse ?
Free free free
Sun is warming my face
Free free free
Won’t you get a girl goose ?
Free free free free
Feeling just for me
Free free free
Oh free