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I know this song is in a film i know, I actually think its in a favorite of mine...PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Please please please help i am going INSANE.

This is from MOnster right?!??!?!?! PLease say so!
There are three songs in that trailer, which one are you talking about?
I'll have to verify this myself because I haven't found the song to listen to yet, but someone else used the opening song in a montage and credited it as "Pearls & Beauty" by 4Lyn.

EDIT: Wouldn't you know it, that's a dead end, the wrong song.
It's the Chemical Brothers.................. uuhm lemme check like a billion albums that I have :p
Unless you're only looking for the movie but the first song is from The Chemical Brothers.
I'm losing ACTUAL sleep, here. The song is "Where do I begin" by the Chemical Brothers. Sample here, track 10 on the album.

Thanks so much, Gussler.

EDIT: To clear up, I'm refering to the first song.
can anyone identify the other songs in the trailer?
has anyone had any luck with the other music in this trailer? there are four tracks, and the first one is by the Chemical Brothers (many thanks by the way).

I would like to know the second track which begins at "TWO STRANGERS" and more importantly the one that begins after that, with the words "A CHANCE ENCOUNTER".

There is also some annoying pounding at the very end of the trailer which is probably part of the awful score, but i don't care about that track.

Thanks for any help
I heard it the other night in the Vanilla Sky trailer. Good song
It's a different song, but it's hella catchy...I'd guess it's an instrumental mix of some rock song that I already know but I'm too stupid to remember it....
The very begining song is by Lifehouse. Which song it is?'s Sick Cycle Carousel. I'm pretty sure. Here's the link.

Even more specifically, the instrumental time frame of the song from 2:43-3:03. Can I call for a second motion from the senate?? :huh:
Yeah, in the trailer I saw it was Where do I Begin by the Chemical Brothers...which I wouldn't have ever heard prior had it not been for Vanilla Sky :p
not the teaser but the trailer, theres a kinda rock song that shows her walking to the airport after the taxi cab driver tells her she'll make it to her flight, its really good but does anyone know what its called? :)
does anyone know if there is an instrumental version of lifehouse' am i ever gonna find out? i have the song that has vocals to it.