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What is the first song played in the film trailer for Ray? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!
thank you! I was hoping a ray charles fan would come across this post.
okay, what about the instrumental theme right before that?

There is a short instrumental theme being played right before Ray plays "It's All Right".

what is the song at the very song...

like when she says "you know how many stairs there are"

and the other song when the nurrator says "ray charles saw the world in ways no one could amagin"
You can listen to some audio samples of Ray Charles here. Maybe those will help identify? :unsure:
The music in the beginning sounds like part of the film score by Craig Armstrong. :unsure:
After that it's all Ray Charles. As biggnick15 already said it's "What I'd Say" first. After that it's "You Don't Know Me" then "Bye Bye Love" at the end.
the one at the very start is definently not ray charles..it sounds alot like craig armstrong as you said.

the other second song i asked for was infact the ray charles song "what id say".

so its just the frist one im looking for...when the Universal logo opens up

it is most likly craig armstrong
Does anyone know song that plays when the lady says "Are those drugs worth losing everything...."....and he is in the restroom? Thanks.
The first song in the television trailer by Ray Charles that says "My mother told me"...has piano and sounds like the blues. Anybody know what song it is?
Does anyone know what the Ray Charles song in the Ray preview is thats like "im through with romance, im through with love"? Its towards the end of the preview. Thanks