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I've noticed that there are people who ask a lot of questions about songs they've heard on the radio in the GD forum. Why not create a Radio Tunes Forum?
Basically we don't want to veer off from what the sole intention/purpose of this site is to begin with : AD music. There are a handful of one-timers who ask about the identity of a song, but we don't think it's become so rampant that a whole forum should be devoted to it (beyond the occasional question in the General Discussion area). And, it would result in taking away our energies from finding music in ads. Having a section devoted to idenitifying songs heard on the radio is opening up a whole other beast. And there are other forums around that deal with it already.
How many times have you heard a song on the radio but never caught its name? Or how many times do you find yourself knowing only a verse or two from a song and have no idea what that song is?

Seeing how this place has grown so much within the past year and with a diverse mix of members and a diverse knowledge of songs, I think it would be a nice idea to have a forum devoted to just songs.

What do you guys think?
there's a wwebsite somewhere that will tell you what song was on what radio station when, so long as you type it in.. i'll look for the link
Not just for songs played on the radio, but songs in general. :).
Sultan, it's a great idea but one we're not ready to take on. You can read about why here.
i think most of us here use like or a site like that for that sort of thing
Ahh okay. I didn't realize this was already suggested, sorry.

Well, I understand. :).

Keep up the good work :D!
I've noticed that the site is recently getting a lot of requests to identify various songs heard on the radio or in clubs.

Time for a new forum?