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Okay, here's a description of the commercial:

There are two guys sitting on a couch. They are listening to the radio. One of them says to the other, "Come on dude, let's go." To which the guy responds, "Hang on man, I love this song." And then the song switches, and the second guy says that he loves it too. Then the scene switches to a cop car pulling up to a driveway. The song switches again. This is the song that I want. The cops enter the house, and immediatly cover their noses. They see the skeletons of the two guys, and the radio is still playing. The first cop says, "Come on, we'd better get going." (Or something like that.) Two which the second cop replies, "Hang on. I love this song." Then the cops sit down on the couch and hit their nightsticks on their hands to the beat of the music. The commerical is for a radio station. The station was 107.7 FM KNDD Seattle. I remember the lyrics of the song have in them:
"I like you [Or "I'm like you" or something like that], I'm not gonna change."

It's sort of heavy music I guess. Heavier than Rage Against The Machine, but lighter than Metallica. It was a male vocalist.

Oh, and I'm in Vancouver. I can't remember the channel it was on or the time of day either.

EDIT: The radio station that the advertisement was for was 107.7 KNDD Seattle.