Quintuplets ( fox show )


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i like the show quintuplets but i would like to know if the main theme is an actual song, any info, please post :)
Can you describe the song? Genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?
it is a fast tempo rock song, it has male vocals, and its real quick cuz the theme is short ( but i have a feeling it is a real song ) * U could suck or u could shine. got crowded house but ive got mine* thats all i remember. ANYHELP PLEASE :)
It's called "Suck or Shine" by Chris & Tad. I can't find it on an album anywhere -- I don't think it's been released yet.
"Chris & Tad" are Chris Ballew ( www.chrisballew.com ) from PUSA (The Presidents of the United States of America - http://www.presidentsrock.com/ ) and Tad Hutchison ( http://heytad.com/ ) from the Young Fresh Fellows (No Offical Web Site).

They have their own websit: http://www.chrisandtad.com

They list a number of songs they have written/sung for TV and the movies but Quintuplets is not listed, maybe it is too new. But the Song definitally has a PUSA sound to it.