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Anyone know the music used in this? It seems like 3 pieces...anyhow - I know I have heard them all elsewhere.

All three tracks are by CRAIG ARMSTRONG:

1) 'Ball' from Plunkett & Macleane

2) 'O Verona' from Romeo + Juliet

3) 'Escape' from Plunkett & Macleane
I know this is an old movie (2000) but I have searched and searched and found answers for the trailer movie music for Quills and nothing is correct. Nothing comes up on a search on here either.

This is a link to a site that plays the trailer with the particular song I am talking about. You must wait a minute or so before the music comes on. It sounds like opera/classical. It is NOT Mozart's O Fortuna and it is NOT Craig Armstrong's Escape.

Please Help, any ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!
1st: Craig Armstrong - Ball
2nd:Craig Armstrong - O Verona
3rd:Craig Armstrong - Escape

dont debate me on that. lol
Yea *scroll up* that's what I said... "O Verona"..... I new the other two songs I just didn't know that one.
there really arnt alot of songs out there that sound like O Verona
Yea actually there are, if your speaking in the classical since that is...

The song "O Verona" uses a common musical format called the "Dies Irae" which is found in masses. Since there are such an array of classical masses, and since the peice was written so well, I thought I was searching for a classical piece. Little did I know it was composed by Craig Armstrong who is still alive.

But yet again, as I've already pointed out, I did find it myself. I answered my own question, which means, I don't need you telling me what I already know.

Thanks and have a great day.
In the Quills trailer. There are 3 remixed opera type songs in it.
What are the called and who are they by?
Sorry its the last part of the trailer it starts at 2:26 right after kate says Gods Watching. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be from?
If anyone was interested I found the last part of the trailer, after she says Gods watching the sounds of chims and carols of voices. Its from the same soundtrack Plunkett & Macleane the song is "Resolutions"