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There is this mystery type of music which i need to know about, i can try to describe it, and give examples:
It almost always has a chello, sometimes a piano or violin, and occasionaly"jazzed up" with bass, xylophone, elevator music type jazz instruments. It is always instrumental, it must not have vocals.

some examples:
1: the aol time warner commercials, with the dogs, i already have a topic for that
2.the toyota commercial with the guy pulling the vette he is chained to.this is a jazzed up example
3.the commercial with the exotic pets for some alcohol beverage thing, also jazzed up example
4.newsworld tv, like an english cnn,the music when they show weather, stock market things and commodity values etc. it is a loop of 10 seconds of chello accompanied by synths

arcade fire-theyhave the mystery music accompanied by their popular music
the killing dawn-i think it is an old siousxe and the banshees song

Both of these popular examples have a wild west annie oakley oregon trail thing to them that i don't really like.

attempted research:
I researched on modern classical, but i don't like symphonies, and i don't like the experimental music. That is all there is, pretty much.

So, can anyone point me to any particular artists? any cds to buy?
I mainly like 123and4, not the popular examples. I already know who 3 is by, thanks to the forums, but in general that doesn't help me much. I want to know about the mystery music abroad.
I found more examples of what i'm talking about being put into popular and dance music:

postal service-a few songs
verve-bittersweet symphony
try searching for "lounge music" "chill" "ambient"

cafe del mar, cafe...., etc...
I am skeptical, but i'll keep trying. Upon searching "lounge" i saw spaceage pop, and a bunch of bands that had an ethnic culture type word followed "tronic" or"matic" for their name. I don't really like spaceage pop. What comes to mind is swinging parties, and naked people in giant novelty item martini glasses. I have listened to this kind of stuff before, and i did not like it. I am looking for instrumental anyways.

Since I say i am looking for instrumental, i should like ambient. I know i don't like brian eno. I know i don't like any music played on the ambient radio program "echoes".but, i think this is definetely what i am looking for. Like the newsworld tv loop, that song is very ambientish. A lot of moby songs, same. But they have this chello-piano, melodic* duet thing to them that sounds great with ambient synths and echoey recording method. Maybe throw in some lounge (aka elevator music type jazz) in a few of the songs, and it would be perfect.

*when i saw melodic, i mostly mean dramatic, but in a non-violent non-fast non-loud way
alot of people classify their music differently, so keep searching. You might find something you like. Do you like electronic music?

have you heard of 'cafe del mar'?? thats pretty much lounge music that ranges from electronic, to jazz, to semi-classical.
Well these aren't completely instrumental but they're the closest things in my DB to what I think you might mean.

Air - "Playground Love" (maybe close)

David Gray - "January Rain" (Guitar Instrumental)

Dream Academy - "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" (Best Bet)

Flaming Lips - "Do You Realize" (maybe close)

Frou Frou - "Let Go" (maybe close)

Gary Jules - "Mad World" (maybe close)

That's enough to get the idea. If any of them are n the right track then say so and maybe someone can tell you what it is or where to find more like it. I just know what I like and have never been good at labeling the Indy stuff. Good Luck. ;)
if your looking for songs with stringed instruments, try these:
J Ralph - One million miles away
lux - One Billion Stars
Jose Padila - Que Bonito
Bliss - Sleep Will Come.mp3

or if you like tango try searching for "gotan project" pretty kewl stuff
I am pretty much going by visuals on researching because my computer isn't going to play any music unless it's from the wal mart website, and it isn't. So, going by visuals the best thing i have found is a german compilation cd called "ambient lounge". This is just going by visuals though and they don't mean much. I am going to get the other computer fixed, and maybe take some headphones to the library tomorrow.
Honestly, most the songs are probably going to be from just random artists, as in some no names, some classics, and some more popular star musicians.

iv been in the same position before with this kind of music, its difficult to find exactly what you looking for, but i think your best bet would be to expand your music collection to some no names, classics/classicle etc and keep usuing

have you searched "Easy Listenening" yet? theres also a pretty good chance that genre of music will help ya out too

Cafe del mar isn't an artist is it? It seems like a record label/compilationcd.
Also, easy listening, i don't really like the trumpets, it sounds like "supermarket music" not "elevator music". Not that those are real genres, but i think i would go for the elevator music. I am not attracted to the abundance of trumpets, lack of xylophone, and early 70sness of easy listening. I am not sure how i can describe elevator music other than you can hear it in elevators, and i like it.

It seems like i will find what i am looking for in electronic music. Like the examples i used: the postal service, moby. I think i will buy some moby cds, to get used to the ambient electronica genre i speak of. I never did before because
1-the houseness of his first album
2-the new order "remix", i guess, on his new album
3-not really sure about any otheralbums, heard one of them was "garage" like, which i definetely don't want. Not really sure which one though.

I like the postal service, but i haven't really listened to their album lately until now. The songs that have the classical instrumentation* i like on the cd are tracks 5,7,9,and 10. 5 is "recycled air". I don't remember what the others are called. I am quite sure the classical instruments are sampled because the end of #7 is farmiliar, it is from an old movie or commercial.

*-fka mystery music.
yeah. cafe del mar is a comp series with various artists that pretty much cover ambient,chill,lounge,electronica,etc...