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Does anybody know the names of the other songs that are clipped hither?

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I've gotta be honest, I didn't know what you were talking about at all until I read the "Best Buy Ad w/ Black Eyed Peas" thread in the TV Commercial Music forum. I remembered seeing "Pump It" somewhere else and traced it back to this thread. Anyway, now that we know what you're referring to, are you asking if anyone knows the names of some of the other songs that will be on the new Black Eyed Peas album?
I was wondering what songs were sampled in Pump It... I cant really give you a link, but someone might have heard it on the radio... I'm special because I already have it, but I didn't get it illegally!!!
Gotcha. After doing some websearching, I found this:
The Black Eyed Peas’ lead single "Pump It," from their forthcoming Monkey Business album, entirely samples Dick Dale & His Del-Tones’ “Misirlou.” If you don’t know the track by name, you’ll instantly recognize it as the surf-rock track that opens the film Pulp Fiction. At first listen, you may instantly want to hate it. Though it’s far from being brilliant or even being good, it’s not the terrible mess it should be. If you like “Misirlou,” you can probably tolerate the Black Eyed Peas singing over it. Essentially that’s all this song is. (Interscope)
there's a horn part in the middle of the song, and i've deffinately heard it somewhere else

Edit: maybe from kill bill?
:huh: Hm.. I haven't heard it yet, but it sounds good.
I have both Pump it and Misirlou. The horn (Trumpet) part I think you're referring to is from the song Misirlou. If you listen to both songs, you'd see they are extremely similar.