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Anyone know of that song from the Puma ad with the cute chimp sitting there and messing around with the shoe? You can check it out at puma.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Boston, Massachusetts, November 15, 2004 – Today, PUMA announced a new ad campaign titled, “New Stuff,” which will break globally in December 2004. After revealing the brand’s personality in the Hello print campaign shot by famed photographer, Juergen Teller, PUMA decided to complement brand’s image through a product-focused campaign.

The “New Stuff” campaign highlights unique new product offerings from PUMA that capture the brand’s signature style. Visually, the campaign is very fresh and clean; the product is featured front and center on a crisp white background. In each 15-second TV spot an animal interacts with the product in an adoring distinctive way and the music featured highlights this interaction.

The three executions are planed to run on either terrestrial, or national, and cable stations globally. The concepts running this December feature three marquee PUMA products. In one execution that highlights the vibrant color palette of the TX-3, a 1980’s running shoe, hordes of blue butterflies swoop in and carry the shoe off screen. The second spot features any army of ants that flex their muscles by walking off with the Scrill, referencing the earthy character of the rock climbing inspired shoe. One of the most playful spots features PUMA’s signature track training shoe, the Taper, being carefully inspected and handled by a curious monkey.

In addition to the TV campaign, a print execution will follow and both will run through Q1 of 2005. The print advertising reflects the focused simplicity and whimsical nature of the TV spots.

This campaign will also carry though into creative media tactics engineered by PUMA’s global media buy agency, Zenith Media. PUMA’s brand managment teams headed by Antionio Bertone drive the visual concepts with the tactical creative concepts directed by Andrew Zuckerman.

Production Credits
Production Agency: Nadel
Executive Producer: Rick Katzen
Director: Andrew Zuckerman

Monkey Music Credits
Name of track: Bossa Macaco
Composer: Christopher Tin

Butterfly Music Credits
Name of track: Butterflies Forever
Composer: Christopher Tin

Ants Music Credits
Name of track: Batucada Ants
Composer: Christopher Tin
Anyone know the name of the song in this commercial? It has a chimp in diapers messing with one of their shoes while some samba music plays in the background. It was played towards the end of 2004. I think there were 3 styles of this commercial made. One had some butterflies carrying away a shoe. Another had some ants carrying a show and the last one was the monkey with the samba music.

I checked their website but they only have their newest commercials. Google didnt help me either. If you only know the name of the song or artist, please let me know.

no wonder I couldnt find that commercial! I kept searching for adidas. Thanks!