Progressive Auto Insurance "How Life Should Be"


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Does anyone know the song that comes on at the end of most Think Progressive commercials? It sounds like "And this is how life should be..." then it fades out. I've heard it on various Think Progressive commercials...
ugh! bump!! Someone has got to know this...
Look what I found!! Go here and on the right side, you can listen to it. Apparently, it's called "How Life Should Be."

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dunno if anyone's asked already, but what's the name of the song from the current commercial for Progressive?
the one with the guy who keep's asking "i need a quote" and at the end it plays the music and it goes "this is how life should be" or something in the song.
anyone know?
korey, the song is "How Life Sould Be" by Groove Terminator. They are a group from New Zealand. Apparently the only place to get it is to download it from the site from the group. It's free as of right now.

Well this song is featured in the progressive insurance commercial. The only words said is "This is how life should be". Anyone know what song this is? I've seen it on a few american channels "Fox 31 Rochester" and a couple of others. Any ideas?

Yeah, I've been looking on adtunes to see if anyone has found the song for this commercial, it sounds really cool!
hi, first post, yay!

what is the song that plays in the progressive insurance commercials? it says something like "this is how life should be"

i've searched for it, but never could find it
In the recent progressive commercial there is a vocal song after a brief instrumental intro. I could only make out the word "away" possiby "fly away"? Anyways can anyone help me!

What's that song in the progressive commercial talking about no matter what you drive, progressive is here? The song goes "The way that life should be...."

Anyone know?
OK OK OK i'm sure you've all seen progressive auto insurence commercials well in it there's a clip from a song that goes: THIIIIIIIIIIIS IS HOOOOOOOOOOOOW LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE SHOULD BEEEEEEEEEEEE.... I WANT THIS FUCKING SONG, AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW ITS BY LOL. if anyone knows the artist and/or song title PLEASE reply.