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what song was it that ducky was singing when he was in the record store?
need help... in the movie pretty in pink there's a scene when duckie lip syncs to this song in a record store.... i don't think it's on the sound track so please help!
Ok. I'm a sucker for the cheesy John Hughs films of the 80s that I grew up with.
One thing that makes me upset about some soundtracks and now appears to be the norm,is that just because you hear the song in the movie doesnt mean that it will be on the soundtrack. Not only this but it may not even be listed in the credits anywhere?!

Back to the subject...
There is the scene where Andie and Duckie are sitting in the car and duckie is flipping through the radio stations or he's fast forwarding through selections on a cassette tape. My question is can anyone identify the artists and titles of these songs?

A friend of mine and I are determined to recreate the soundtrack featuring every song used if we can get these identified.There of course are the nay sayers ,who say we will never find out but I'm on a mission to prove to them quite the contrary.

Any help Ladies and Gents would of course be greatly appreciated!
I'll try to post later with a few snippits of example or words I could get out of the songs through the brief scene.


I have that movie. I'll try to listen to them and let you know if I find any. I like finding songs like that. I usually listen for some lyrics and hit the internet hard. The harder the song the more fun it is to find it. I usually find all the song I want, but every now and then I get stumped and come here. This is a great site, by the way!
Hey flamitaz. :)

There are actually quite a few songs in this movie that dont appear on the soundtrack most Ive figured out . But the ones that I havent completely got yet are the ones from the scene I previously mentioned and the songs that are playing while Andie is riding around in her car.

Thanks so much for your help!
Good Luck!

You might also want to check out the soundtrack listing over at IMDb. They usually try and list all the songs played in the movie not just the songs on the official soundtrack. You can always compare their list to yours.
Thanks reality.

I have done this, but unfortunately there are songs still left unidentified. Hopefully, we can get this resolved soon and thenit will be a matter of tracking down those songs that I need.

Ok. I'm going to keep trying but I'm sure you already got these. When duckie and andie are in the car the first two songs are Pretty in pink-The psychodelic furs. And If you leave by OMD (orchestral manouevres in the dark). I can't tell the other songs yet. Sorry I took so long to answer. I'll list all the songs from at the ending credits.

Pretty in pink--Psychodelic Furs
Wouldn't it be good--Danny Hutton Hitters
What's it gonna be--Maggie Lee
Love--John Lennon
Round, ROund--Belouis Some
Pursuit--Winston Sharples
Rave up, shut up--The Rave ups
Positively Lost me--The rave ups
Copacabana--Barry Manilow
Thieves Like us--New Order
Elegia--New Order
If you leave--OMD
Whisper,Touch--Code Blue
Bring on the dancing horses--Echo and the bunnyman
Do Wot you do--INXS
Shell Shock--New Order
Try a little Tenderrness--Otis Redding
Cherish--The association
Please please please let me get what I want--The smiths
Rudy--Talk Balk
Left of center--Suzanne Vega
Get to know ya--Jesse Johnson
That is all I have so far. let me know if that helped.