popular island-y song - please help! -- Answered


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I have been trying to figure out this song for years -- I have heard it numerous times on various college spring breaks back in the mid-late 1990's. (God I feel old).

These are NOT the lyrics but what they sound like to me....very melodic..

"oh-a one pan-a-maya....she said a one pan-e-maya....ohhhhhh pannnnnnn-a-mayyyyyyyahhhh....da da da dah."

any ideas?? not knowing what this song is has bugged me for years. i don't think it's really "panama" Any searches I try to do just lead me to "Girl from Inpanema" which is not this song!!!

really want to put the song on a cd for my friend's "tropical bridal shower" this weekend.

Thanks so much!
The name of the song you're looking for is Guantanamera.

About a billion different musicians have covered this song... Celia Cruz, Julio Iglesias, Arlo Guthrie, Joan Baez...

BTW, congratulations to your friend on their upcoming wedding...
In regards to Spring Break, and with the time frame you're speaking of...I'm gonna make an educated guess that you're looking for the version by Wyclef Jean from his "Carnival" album.
Okay, I LOVE this board!!! Thank you guys soo much! First of all, not knowing what that song has been has bugged me for years! And second of all, I can so put this on the "island" cd.

I had no idea what to call this song without knowing those lyrics (which I'm about to go look up so I can see what they really are - lol!)

Where else, but on this board would someone be able to decipher my lame attempt to hum out the song and come up with both the song AND the version I was looking for.

You guys rock!