Heh heh don't need to see or hear it. That would be THREE DOG NIGHT unless it's a cover. Then you're on your own.
:lol: Ribbit Ribbit
Ok I couldn't resist so I listened to the clip. Alas, it's a cover of a very small portion of the original and so rearranged that only the lyrics are recognizable :(
Lame! So what's the verdict? Random cover for the ad? Or legit band covering the song?
I'd guess random for the ad but???????? Oh, and the bubble bobble king refrences "LAME!" to the post of another. :lol: Irony is my favorite brand of hummor :p

Now is that what that gentleman means to say, or is he confusing 'Cover Bands' for real bands? As in, does this guy just not know that there are songwriters in the world? Is that what's happening?
Originally posted by Schuyler@Mar 3 2004, 11:51 PM
He was a bullfrog.. not so much a good friend tho. :D

I checked that link.. that guy is stupid. What artist does write their own songs?
Well some do and some don't. The guy is an excellent source information even if much of it is so obscure it would give Dennis Miller cause to blurt out HUH? He really should learn to handle a little good natured ribbing though if he plans to get along here. <_< The sad thing is that none of this really helps the originator of this thread.
:huh: You talkin' 'bout me willis? Cause I don't know where the guy I linked to was from...But I'm a big box of good natured ribbing. OH!

HAHAHAHAHA! :lol: :lol:

O.k. I just saw the bubble bobble comment! :D hehe, the lame was in reference to what they did to the lovely song, not your reporting of said event.

Hehe, and yes, you're dead on in your good natured ribbing. Consider me ribbed <_< um, wait... :blink:

Hahaha, this whole last 3 hours is making much more sense now!
Oh, and in reference to the original thread. I did search around for a while at dinner. Best I could find was someone talking about wanting to cover the song. Sounded pretty home-town high school, so I doubt it's relevant. I mean, hopefully the original song will satisfy the curiosity, cause I'm doubting we'll come up with a real cover act.
Well SiNNeR might want to try an e-mail
Polaroid JoyCam's "Spin the Camera" via Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners, San Francisco. (The account has since shifted to Leo Burnett Co., Chicago.) lifted from
I don't go that far.

And ROTFLMFAO at the last 3 hours because I WAS shaking my head and thinking WTF?
Well thanks to like two or three people that actually posted helpfull ideas.
I'm sorry, I'm honestly pretty helpful usually. Sorry to be a dick in your thread. Hope that you find what you were looking for.