Plastics make it possible


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this is a kind of old comercial but i saw it again today. it is a commercial about plastic form like the american platics councle or something like that. the song is a clasical song and i think only one instrument is playing and at the end of the commercial it shows how plastic help out an old lady in the hospital. any ideas?
I'm also curious about the music for this commercial, it's really great. There are more than one commercials from the Plastic Council, specifically I can remember some old lady getting treatment and saying "Peter" in the end or something.
Does the Plastics Council have a website? Might have their ads up for viewing...
The plastics council ad with the woman saying "Peter" features what sounds to me like a solo cello version of "They Can't Take That Away From Me." The commercial features a new dissolvable polymer disk that delivers targeted chemotherapy to brain cancer patients.

The American Plastics Council website is no help. A media announcement said that Grey Worldwide was their ad company, but GW's website had no info either.
I wrote the plastics council and asked them who performed this song and where I could purchase it. They responded with an email that thanked me for my interest, but also saying that it was a private contractor and the song was not available for personal use.
I'm not sure if the commercial you saw was the same one I saw, but just yesterday I saw an ad from the American Plastics Council ( I vaguely remember the content of the commercial, but remain with the impression that it was somewhat humorous in nature) that contained a snippet of a song entitled "Hat and Beard" (a reference to Thelonius Monk) by Eric Dolphy on a CD entitled "Out to Lunch". This is available from any record store with a halfway decent jazz department. Blue Note Records catalogue # 98793 (UPC # 72434987932).