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Ok, now this one is hard to find. I heard it during a baseball game, so that may provide some help. It sounds like it could definately be played during a scene with a low rider car or bike. Its a pimpin song that has around 14 beats in its main part that repeat over and over. I have it stuck in my head but i dont know how to post the way it sounds up on here. It may be rap but im not sure beacause they never played any of the lyrics. I know this is very hard to find cause ive looked on itunes at almost all of the baseball imixes and found nothing, but maybe you will. Thanks in advance for your help.
dont be shy, how does the beats go? just describe it as best as you can...does it go like...BRAAAABABABABUM....BRAAAAAABABABUM....i dunno, that was an example, hehe
is it
War - Low Rider

I know kinda obvious but may as well get that outta the way first
Nah, sry thats not it, awsome song though. It really does sound like a good beat for rap, and it is true baseball music as it was played during a game. Oh and also its not Crazy Train, although the one im looking for is very similiar to it, so that can be used as an example.
Oh, i forgot about that, sry, thats not it, but it is probably an even better example than crazy train, thanx.
Oh, and another really good example would be Horn Dog by i think its Overseer. And i also remember how it goes now, it has 6 beats that repeat in two sets, the first one being higher than the second, so its like- bum bum bum bum bum bum, and then a little lower in pitch, bum bum bum bum bum bum, each set occuring in under two seconds. LoL, thats pretty much it. Thank you.
no, sorry thats not it. it is almost the exact same style of song as either crazy train or horn dog, with what sounds like the same instruments. And the song may very well be rap, although i do not think it is, i should have made that more clear earlier. And remember it would sound as though it could be played at a baseball game, i cant really picture Batter Up being played.