Piano Music....need a song name for it!


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Hello i would like to know a song and if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!:D I would like to know who sings this one song that has piano playing for the whole duration....he is talking about imagination, and i thought thats what the song was, but its not :( its like a slow-song with a piano playing a set of music over and over again please help! :D
It's probably "Clocks" by Coldplay.

Did you hear the song on a TV ad or show? In a movie?
it is only one guy singing though and i heard it on the radio and wasnt able to catch the name right away but as i said before, i thought it was called imagination but i was wrong
was that another sign of aging?

some other thread, the person didn't know who bobby mcferron was... i remember singing that song on repeat with all the other girls for weeks when i was in 6th grade or so. it's always strange when a song/artist was SO popular and eventually a generation comes along and never experienced it. <_<
Yeah, but I mean.. shouldn't some things be transgenerational? (I don't care if it's not a real word.)

That'd be a good thread to start, what should ALL generations know about?

I'd say, music-wise:

1. uh, THE BEATLES, and all subsequent work from the band members
2. Elvis Presley, and the difference between his voice and the singer from Legendary Shack Shakers <_<
3. Steely Dan and Jethro Tull are not the names of solo artists
4. U2 has done a lot more than Mysterious Ways and Beautiful Day
5. above all, everyone should know upon the first 3 seconds of hearing a song by Poof Dudly (or any other crap hop artist for that matter) what the original piece was that they sampled