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During the Pepsi Bottle Songs commercial during the Superbowl there was a rock song that went "Come on Come on" and has a band in a garage. I know I've heard it before, could anyone help me out?
yea that's it. Does anyone know what song that is in the garage part with the bad? I know I've heard it before, just can't put my finger on it!
It's one of those bands like The Killers... I can't place it either (I've heard it too...). :) But, I'm pretty sure it's not The Killers.
Really appreciate it if someone could find the name of that song for me lol, driving me nuts.
"Ladies Man" uses:
"Stayin Alive" by the Bee Gees.

"Pop The Music" uses:
"Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani.

"Truck Trend/P. Diddy" uses:
"Fantastic Voyage," and am pretty sure it's the Coolio version.

"Let The Music Out" uses (in order):
(girl opening fridge door) "Rich Girl" by Gwen Stefani.
(two guys sitting on steps) "It's like that" by the Handsome Boy Modeling School.
(boy picking up date) "I Like Your Mom" by The Bouncing Souls.
(dj spinning record in club) "When You're Through" by Quantic & Spanky Wilson
(band in garage) "C'mon C'mon" by the Von Bondies.
(office guy singing in bathroom mirror) And, "I Just Wanna Love U" by Jay Z.
Does anyone know the second song they play on "let the music out" when the two kids are scratching the hip hop song and he says "microphone specialist"?

I have been searching but cant find it.


The poster who posted The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon is definitely right. (You may have heard it in the recent Chevy commercial) NEXT!

P.S. there was another rock song in there. the kid on the date opened his pepsi bottle when the girl's mom showed up, and the bottle started playing "I Like Your Mom" by the punk band The Bouncing Souls. It was from the CD "The Good, the Bad, and the Argyle".
What is the song that the guy is singing in the bathroom and his boss walks in on him? It kinda has a Jay-Z and Pharrell feel to it.

EDIT: Found it. Had to look up.
Did you see the track listings I posted above? The Jay-Z song is the one you're looking for.
yeah, i'd also like some info on the unlisted songs used in the "let the music out" commercial. thanks!
Whats the rap song on the commercial with puff daddy. Its something like come on and take a ride........?
The new Pepsi commerical has like bottles that when the tops are taken off, music is playing. I was wondering if anyone has seen this commerical and if so, does anyone know what the first song is. It;s the one with the "la la la la la" in it. Thanks!
Hey, funny story! I found it just now! yeah! and if anyone cares, it's Gwen Stefani and Eve'"rich girl"