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I am very surprised that no one has inquired about this song already. The melody is really catchy. I've been seeing it a lot the past few days.

Description of commercial: 2 girls are standing outside of a retro-looking beachhouse. I guess they couldn't fit all they're shoes into the car, so they drove off leaving the backseat behind in the driveway to make room for the shoes.

The only lyrics heard are "Na na na na nana na na . . . sha la la lalala la la"
It's sounds like a happy, upbeat song and hopefully it's a full track :D Please help.
No, I don't believe that is it. The song sounds more modern and it's a female voice I forgot to add. Thank you though :D
For some reason I really wanna figure this out lol. I guess it's the whole na na na thing. There's only about a million songs with those same phrases and variations.

Here are three I've come up with. My guess is none of these are the one lol but maybe you could help folks here figure out what "style" of sha la la na na na you're talking about. Here are a few samples.....
LOL. None of those are it, but it's funny that I was also looking for that first song [cranberries?] from the Lifetime "Beachgirls" commercial. Lately commercials have the BEST music, lol. Thanks for the 3 references.

EDIT: If I have to, I'll sing the melody, hehe.
Cranberries song is called "Dreams". Hope that helps. Good luck finding the sha la la tune.
Well here is the reply I received from Martin/Williams ad agency that produced the spot for Payless Shoes......


The music from the “Backseat” spot is original, and was composed by a local music house. Unfortunately we can not release the song.

Thank you for your interest in Martin|Williams and in our creative work,

Erika Larson

New Business Manager

Martin|Williams Advertising


Edit note: Not trying to bump this thread I promise. I just received another e-mail from Martin/Williams with more information....... wrote....

"Hi, the music from the Payless commercial you are asking about is original music written and performed by a music company in Minneapolis called Brahmstedt Whitenoise. They’re actually not a band, but just wrote this music up specifically for this commercial. Thank you for your interest!

Liz Roschen"

A small ray of light maybe at least you know who done it now.
Thank you so much for all the info :D. It is very much appreciated.

Whoever wrote that song is very talented and should consider making it a whole track. I'm surprised it hasn't been done yet. There is still hope :D