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<_< Please help me if you can.

I have seen a commercial with an instrumental song that I am desperate to identify. Commercial for what? Eekkk...I don't know! Lots of clouds with a dark headed woman reaching to the clouds to pull out a piece that is cotton and stuffing it in her shoe. While this in occuring this great song is playing.

Any ideas? B)

What channel, what country, etc. When -- recently or an older ad? Instrumental as in classical/orchestral or just guitars? etc.

I take it you are not having any problems with your account anymore? Did you get things straightened out? :)
I know which commercial you're talking about, and the song sounded familiar when I saw it. If I can figure out what it is I'll post it here.
If it's the commercial I just saw, it's "Dreams" from the Cranberries. Don't know what the product was. . . . Listen here.

The commercial had a woman sort of humming in the background, so it wasn't an instrumental, and the song sample doesn't capture the exact part used in the ad, but I'm 95% positive it was this song.
:) Thank you so much!!! "Dreams" was the key!!!! I ordered it already. ;) You guys are the best.
I finally saw that commercial again and, lo and behold, it's for Payless, and of course, someone answered this question long before me. Foiled again!