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These guys have been working on the Music Genome Project, which is aimed at categorizing music based on 400+ characteristics, which they call 'musical genes'. Bsed on the these genes, one should be able to predict if you'd like a song. The classification is done by Humans; and that makes it different from recommendation systems used by etc, which is algorithm based. (people who bought this also bought this..)

You start by entering an Artist or Song, and a Radio Station is created for you, which plays similar songs. You can skip songs, and give thumbs up or down on each selection. I've been for some time. It picks songs which are similar in instrumention, harmony etc, but, IMHO, misses the mood. And that's what a human system should do best. May be the system will evolve as more people use it...

Interesting idea though!
I found the site like 4 months ago, i dont even remember how, iv been in love with it ever since

its almost perfect, i mean i literally almost never dislike a song/band they reccomend...its fascinating how they can create such a sophisticated and easy to use program. i think they should get some kudos, and props, and cool pts and whatever other kinda "points" a person can get haha :lol:
That's a really awesome site. I wish it didn't limit the number of times you can skip through songs though. I can tell whether I'm going to like a song or not in about the first 15-20 seconds. Thanks for sharing! :D
There's a way around that actually. :nerd: You can just give it the "I'm tired of this song - don't play it for a month" option.
Heck yes I do. ;)

I'd figured out a way to circumvent the Yahoo Launch radio dealie but this one had perplexed me. :ph34r: